Cloud-first SD-WAN Solutions for Today’s Cloud-Enabled Business

Kinect’s SD-WAN provides a software-defined WAN solution built with a Cloud Access Network that enables you to ensure performant uptime for any Cloud-based technologies across all sites and users. Unlike policy-based solutions, our SD-WAN auto-detects application needs and network conditions and intelligently adapts traffic in real time. With Kinect SD-WAN, you can easily provide Enterprise-grade connectivity for all of your Cloud applications, improve visibility into your internet usage, and simplify your network.

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SD-WAN Pricing

20/20 Mbps


50/50 Mbps


100/100 Mbps


250/250 Mbps


500/500 Mbps

Additional plans and discounts available for multi-site locations.  1 Public IP included at no cost (additional IP’s available).   Standard agreement is 12 months.  Call (833) i-Kinect for pricing.

Simplify Your Network Management with SD-WAN

Today’s IT departments are pressured to do more with less; yet expected to maintain the highest network reliability, security and support for high-bandwidth applications.  SD-WAN can help. With Kinect’s Software-Defined WAN, remote sites are connected over low-cost Internet links secured by our private network.  Get MPLS-like reliability and automatic failover, while making network management simpler and saving money in the long run.  Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, we take the “worry” about making the right decision.


How It Works

Kinect’s infrastructure connects your business to any Cloud technology, using
intelligent software to ensure a high-performance connection to the Cloud.

Kinect’s Site-to-Cloud Architecture


Kinect SD-WAN Advantage

Kinect SD-WAN optimizes any Cloud-based technology, including…


Easy to Deploy

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is today’s popular, cost-effective approach to private networking because it’s easy to deploy, and much less expensive than traditional WAN deployments. It uses bandwidth more efficiently, providing bidirectional prioritization of performance sensitive traffic, to ensure the highest level of application performance while lowering bandwidth and hardware costs.

Multi-Vendor Flexibility

Kinect takes a best-of-breed, multi-vendor approach to Managed SD-WAN, giving you the flexibility to build the right solution for your business needs, size, and budget. We put years of network design and management expertise to work for you to configure, provision, support, and monitor your network.


Seamless Failover Solution

Why does this matter? Because with Kinect’s SD-WAN solution, when one of your Internet circuits has an outage, you don’t. Your IP address doesn’t change. Your VPN, remote desktop session, SSH session, VoIP call, Web Presentation, and every other application stays up with our “seamless failover” feature!  Check out the video to see a live demo of exactly how this works.


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