LTE Failover

Our 4G LTE Failover solution provides seamless wireless connectivity to keep your business and critical SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications up and running. Our routers immediately recognize network failures and automatically switch to our reliable 4G LTE network, enabling businesses to remain connected keeping both you and your customers happy.

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Failover Plans

Our failover plans minimize the cost of connectivity with the lowest rates in the industry and free SIMs.

2GB - 4G LTE Failover


6GB - 4G LTE Failover


10GB - 4G LTE Failover


30GB - 4G LTE Failover

Additional plans available, call (833) i-Kinect for pricing.  Additonal $15/GB overage fees apply.

The Business Impact of Network Downtime

lte failover

Benefits of LTE Failover data protection:

Our high-performance 4G LTE wireless routers are designed for mission-critical resilience, helping businesses stay connected and productive when the primary connection is lost.

  • “Always On” 4G LTE wireless is reliable
  • Automated failover during primary ISP outage
  • Low cost data plans
  • Simple network configuration, set it and forget it
  • Network outage notifications
LTE Backup
Today’s businesses are increasingly implementing Software-as-a-Service (Saas) applications from Office365 to cloud-based CRM, ERP, Inventory, POS, Hosted VoIP and other mission-critical applications. The more applications your business has in the cloud, the more susceptible your are to internet outages, the more your business will need a solid business continuity solution.  Businesses that depend on cloud-based solutions should consider redundant connectivity from multiple carriers as well as path diversity. With each generation of wireless technology delivering faster bandwidth, more and more companies are electing to leverage a mix of wired and wireless connections for business continuity.
We will ensure that our customers’ network connectivey is always online and available.  We assist each customer from network design to service delivery.  Combine with our SD-WAN solution and your business will have the ultimate contiutity solution maximizing your both your bandwidth and critical applications.

Simplify LTE Failover Services and Maximize Profitability


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