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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our cloud and telecommunication services, such as; VoIP, Cloud hosted PBX, SIP Trunks.

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Does your LTE Failover solution require any hardware?2020-07-01T17:42:06-05:00

4G LTE Failover is a data SIM card.  Kinect will provide you with a SIM card for free with the activation of a new account, however, if your router does not support a SIM slot for a secondary (or failover) WAN, then you will need to purchase a LTE Router.  We carry many different brands that support one to three SIM cards and can be configured in a variety of ways.  Please call for me information.

How many minutes are included with my account?2019-07-26T12:08:31-05:00
Our Hosted PBX comes with unlimited minutes for your phone lines, main number, and fax number. Unlimited minutes apply to calls anywhere in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada, and are subject to Kinect Communications Terms and Conditions.
Can I keep my existing IP phones with Kinect Communications?2019-07-26T12:07:48-05:00
Yes. Our service can be used with most SIP-compatible IP phones. They need to be unlocked by your original provider and will require manual configuration.
Important: Please note that our support team will not be able to troubleshoot or configure IP phones purchased from another vendor. We recommend customers take advantage of the simplicity of our preconfigured IP phones.
Can I transfer my existing phone number to Kinect Communications?2019-07-15T17:09:15-05:00

Yes, you can transfer your toll-free number and your local number right to Kinect Communications.

Does it matter who my ISP (Internet Service Provider) is?2019-07-15T17:03:44-05:00

Absolutely not.  At Kinect Communications we are completely agnostic to your Internet Service Provider.  The only real qualification would be whether or not you have adequate bandwidth to support VoIP.  At any rate, we can help.

What’s the difference between a Hosted PBX and a Cloud PBX?2019-07-12T22:43:44-05:00

Nothing, a Hosted PBX, Cloud PBX or for that matter, a VoIP PBX are totally interchangeable terms i.e.; Kinect’s Hosted PBX is a phone system hosted in the cloud with VoIP telecommunications.

What is a Hosted PBX?2019-07-12T22:42:41-05:00

The Kinect hosted PBX is a cloud-based, VoIP phone system that is accessed via the internet, rather than an installing equipment onsite. Key advantages include; continuous software upgrades; scalability; flexible change management; and no need for IT staff to support the cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).

What are Phone Words?2019-07-26T12:10:32-05:00

Kinect Phone Words (often called Vanity numbers) are a powerful marketing tool that can be used with 13 Numbers, 1300 Numbers, and 1800 Numbers. Instead of advertising a phone number, businesses can use Phone Words with great effect by displaying a ‘Phone Word’ i.e.; 1833 i-Kinect would correspond to numbers on a phone key pad – dialed as; 1833-454-6328.

Can my CRM be used with your hosted PBX system?2019-07-26T12:11:02-05:00

Yes. Kinect cloud applications such as the hosted PBX and cloud call center can be integrated with any modern CRM software; including; Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, ORO, ZOHO and more. Typically, CRM integration is achieved via an API or alternatively by ‘single click’ access.

What’s the advantage of VoIP over ISDN?2019-07-12T22:37:53-05:00

Kinect VoIP delivers a level of operational flexibility, scalability capability and immediacy that is not possible with traditional ISDN or for that matter analogue technology. Kinect VoIP differentiation includes; 1) Outbound fail-over capability; 2) Inbound fail-over capability; 3) Deployment of an unlimited number of lines (dependent on bandwidth capacity); 4) Rapid deployment of lines; as and when needed and; 5) Multi-site configuration. ISDN on the other hand is restricted to a maximum of 30 lines per connection, with deployment of connection taking extended periods.

What is VoIP & is broadband needed to use VoIP?2019-07-12T22:37:17-05:00
VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, phone calls are made via the Internet over a broadband connection – as against traditional analogue or ISDN lines.
What is a SoftPhone and when are they better to use than an IP Handset?2019-07-15T16:59:34-05:00

SoftPhones are simply a software telephone that is installed on laptops/desktops to enable staff members to make calls via their computer. Rather than speak through a handset, staff plug a USB headset into their personal computer and thereafter speak through the headset. SoftPhones are best suited to operations using hosted PBX or cloud call center technology with high volume calls. SoftPhones are also suited to live reception desks. SoftPhones are gaining popularity in the workplace as they take up less room than IP Handsets, and they’re also more cost-efficient. IP Handsets on the other hand are best suited for hosted PBX in office type environments.

What exactly is collaboration?2019-07-12T22:34:44-05:00

Kinect collaboration is a cloud-based VoIP and video conference service that can be accessed by staff and clients alike from more or less any location via desktop and smart devices. Our collaboration services do just that, they enable businesses to collaborate across multiple business disciplines.

What exactly is the cloud?2019-07-12T22:34:11-05:00

Kinect cloud is essentially a network of remote servers hosted in a secure data center and access via the Internet; to store, manage, and process data, as against using onsite servers that require IT staff to manage. By contrast, our cloud services are fully scalable.


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