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Professional IVR prompt recordings, and streaming on-hold and in-queue music services that open up powerful opportunities for telecoms and marketing managers and improve caller experience.

Cloud Hosted PBX

The best caller experience begins with the right voice

Today’s Cloud PBX Systems give you the power to communicate more effectively than ever.  It’s essential to have voice recordings that are clear, natural-sounding, and represent the personality of your company.

Kinect specializes in voiceover recordings for business phone systems.  We give you access to industry-leading voice talent and an extensive library of production music.  Our seasoned production team manages every aspect of the recording process, ensuring that you receive professional studio-quality recordings optimized for the best playback on your phone system.

Having a unified voice across your entire IVR system is essential to your brand

Kinect specializes in voice-over recordings for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.

Our team of seasoned voice-over artists, engineers and production staff deliver professional, clear & natural sounding voice prompts & greetings for IVR, Contact Center and other automated telephony applications. Our recordings adhere to the highest quality standards for superior audio playback on any phone system.

Cloud Hosted PBX

10 Reasons Business Phone Systems Need Professional Voice Recordings

1: A business phone still remains a primary customer touch point.

Online marketing may be hot right now, but customers still pick up the phone and call businesses. When you consider the cost associated with obtaining new customers and retaining them, shouldn’t this vital touch point be just as professional as your others?

2: A phone greeting is often the first impression that potential customers will receive.

Callers instantly form an opinion about your business based upon what they hear when they dial your number. Is your greeting informative, professional sounding and consistent with your brand? If not, that negative impression could be sending callers right to your competition.


3: The voice, message, and music on a professional voice recording can be strategically aligned to strengthen a business’s brand.

The sound of your business is equally as important as its look.  Your logo, brand colors, business cards speak volumes about what your business is all about. So do the voice and music on your phone system. By keeping these consistent with what you’re trying to project, you can increase your ability to project your brand identity directly where customers experience it.


4: An on-hold message can increase sales.

According to a recent survey of consumers, nearly 20% have made a purchase based on information they heard while on hold. When you consider that a single recorded message could drum up more business for you, it just doesn’t make sense to not leverage this quality time with your customer.


5: Callers who hear music and information stay on hold significantly longer than those who hear silence. 

In a study conducted by US West, callers waited on hold three minutes longer when they heard information and music rather than silence.


6: The sound quality of professional voice recordings is dramatically better than messages recorded in-house. 

Professionally mixed and mastered phone system recordings are optimized for the specifications of business phone systems. This means no background noise, garbled voices, or cut off messages.


7: A professional voice talent will continue to be available for future recordings.

Many business find the employee with the “best” voice to record their phone system recordings. But what happens when this person leaves the company? Using a professional provider of voice recordings means knowing that you’ll have access to the same talent for future needs.


8: Voice prompts that are professionally recorded significantly improve customer experience.

Callers can easily get lost in a phone system that has difficult to understand voice prompts. Why subject a customer to this? By populating your phone system with clear, concise voice prompts that have been professionally recorded, you’ll ensure your customers are having the best possible experience when they call your business.


9: Professional voice recordings can include seasonal messages and music to enable a business to sound up-to-date and relevant.

A holiday message with seasonal music can let customers know that you’re current and on top of your game. Whether you’re providing information about summer hours or Christmas sales, a seasonal message can deliver an impactful statement to everyone who calls.


10: Professional voice recordings maximize the features of a business phone system.

Business phone systems are more robust than ever. With features that were once only available to Fortune 500 corporations, advanced, cloud-based business phone systems are now readily available even to the solo entrepreneur. A powerful phone system’s features are best leveraged when they are supported by professional voice recordings. Just like you wouldn’t put low octane gas into a Ferrari, you don’t want to place poor quality voice recordings on an advanced phone system.


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