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Kinect Communications provides business communications and connectivity solutions for small-medium sized businesses and enterprise accounts.  We are experts at securely connecting business locations and remote workers with nationwide voice and unified communications, Internet and networks.  We back our services with the best performance guarantees in the industry and 100% U.S.-based technical support available 24/7.


I wanted to say that the SD-WAN is not only valuable to us it has become critical to our operations. Yesterday, for the second time within a month a major fiber line was cut. This took out our primary internet connection along with one of the cell carriers. If it was not for our backup fiber we just added and the SD-WAN solution we would have lost most of our services. Work would have almost halted across all city offices. Instead, employees had no idea we had lost our primary connection until they got home and found the internet to be out city-wide. We would have lost both time and money had this system not been purchased. If you have anyone on the fence about purchasing this product send them my way and I will share my experiences with them. I can’t imagine not having it now.

David Offalter, Police Technology Manager Aransas Pass Police Department

Why Choose Kinect for Business Communications?

According to our clients, there are three key reasons!

  1. Trusted Experts
    Understanding your complex business communications needs is mind-boggling.  What you need are knowledgeable consultants who can keep you informed and up to date using plain English.  Friendly customer service, honest consultants and a company built on the principles of integrity are our top priority so that you never feel lost.
  2. Technology Expertise
    Working with Kinect is like having a team of well-rounded, business-savvy consultants by your side. We can install and support VoIP phones, SIP and Internet, and an array of various other Cloud Hosted PBX applications.
  3. End-to-end Solutions
    Every phone company claims it, few mean it, Kinect Communications guarantees it.  We will work with you from the earliest stages of your project to the day your installation is complete to ensure that your requirements are met, issues are resolved, and tasks are completed on schedule as well as on budget.
“I’ve known Charlie going on eight years now and five of that as a customer. Charlie and his team always set the standard when it came to customer service. During the selection process my team reviewed multiple telco systems and providers. The problem we faced with a small staff was the in house skills to maintain the equipment. Charlie and I visited on multiple occasions before we decided that the solution he and his team offered was the best path for the City of Lake Worth. Once we were onboard with his company we were always treated as their #1 customer. We always felt like they were quick to respond and always answered the phone. Charlie and Julie make a dynamic team I’d do business with anytime! Outstanding service with affordable rates made us the perfect team as they were an extension of my department not just a vendor.”  
Mark Ramsey
Information Technology Manager
City of Lake Worth Texas


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