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Advanced knowledge. Superior customer service. Valued integrity. It really is THAT simple..

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Kinect Communications delivers innovative solutions
that connect businesses and help them grow.

The Kinect team is comprised of highly specialized consultants and technicians with over 20 years of telecom experience. We’re constantly on the cutting edge of new technologies, working hard to ensure our clients can benefit from the latest technological advances. Other phone providers say that they provide end-to-end solutions, but we are one of the few that actually have the expertise to do so.

The fact that we use the very same products that we sell to our clients helps us understand what’s important when it comes choosing and using technology. We’ll recommend top-notch communication solutions for your unique business challenges without bias, so you’ll never pay for something you don’t want or need.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to continually build relationships with our clients that are founded on trust and mutual respect. We operate with a fundamental understanding that our growth and success are based on our customers growth and success. This makes us committed to providing solutions based on sound professional judgement, not on making money.

Our Mission

We strive to surpass clients’ expectations by enhancing their day-to-day business operations. In today’s fast-paced world, Kinect believes businesses can achieve greater levels of connectivity by having access to powerful, affordable communications solutions from a reliable partner.  Kinect offers flexible options to accommodate businesses in every stage of their growth.

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I’ve known Charlie going on eight years now and five of that as a customer. Charlie and his team always set the standard when it came to customer service. During the selection process my team reviewed multiple telco systems and providers. The problem we faced with a small staff was the in house skills to maintain the equipment. Charlie and I visited on multiple occasions before we decided that the solution he and his team offered was the best path for the City of Lake Worth. Once we were onboard with his company we were always treated as their #1 customer. We always felt like they were quick to respond and always answered the phone. Charlie and Julie make a dynamic team I’d do business with anytime! Outstanding service with affordable rates made us the perfect team as they were an extension of my department not just a vendor.  
Mark Ramsey
Information Technology Manager
City of Lake Worth Texas


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